SpeakFree-Android App To Make Free Calls

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Are you from India and want to talk more and pay less? – Well, this is your lucky day,  as Speak free may very well be your favorite app ever!  You can  now  call anyone you want, and the best part is – you don’t need internet connection  whatsoever.  All you need to do is install the application, and you can talk for as long as you want, so long as the other person is also from India.

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Speek free is designed for users specifically stated in Kerala, but they can make calls to any place in India. Once you’ve installed the app, you can call anyone – the other person doesn’t have to have an  app  in order for you to be able to conduct a call. Users of Speak free will get to listen to 10-20 second  lasting advertisements of products, offers and  service, which they might find useful. Also, after you’ve made the call you will get an SMS that contains the promotions that you’ve previously heard at the beginning of the call. However, the latest version also provides you a possibility of de-activating promotional contact.

Nevertheless, you’re talking hours are limited. Your free talks can only be conducted between 9am to 9 pm, but the 12 hours of service still give you plenty of time to make all the calls you need – and for free.The greatest thing of all is that you won’t even need the internet  in order to talk all you want, and this qualification is what makes the app the most unique and  inventive gadget anyone could design.


For the purpose of monthly submission to Network provider and Department of Telecom, this app will access your:
-IMEI number
-SIM card number of device
-Gmail ID

      Created by: Submav Communications, and has over five thousand (5000)  reviews and the rate od 3,5, which only proves the quality of this extraordinary invention.The app size iz around 2, 14mb, which is not such a big size for an app as useful as this one-anyone can afford this kind of space on his/her device. What you get from zhis app is nothing compared  to this symbolic size of the app.The number of downloads is more than 100.000, which is a living proof that this app not only functions perfectly, but that the quality is truly remarkable. The great number of positive reviews is nothing but the reason for you to also try this outstanding application.This app is nothing but utterly useful. It won’t take much of your space on the device, it will enable you a communication  regardless of weather the other person has the app or not, and most importantly, it will surely lessen you paychecks, as it is free, and all the calls made are free, and all this without needing the internet connection! So, If you are from India, want to talk more without spending your money and without internet connection , you are just the person for  this app, and Speak free  is all you could ever wish for, and  more.